Acknowledgements (page vii)

Foreword (page ix)

Chapter 1: Introduction (page 3)

Chapter 2: A Snapshot of the Conflict (page 5)

          But Is It Genocide?

          Darfur: The Preferred Catastrophe

          Africans and Arabs: The Racialization of Sudan

Chapter 3: A Brief History of Western Relations with Sudan (page 26)

          The Colonial Period

          The 1970s and 80s: Washington Backs Khartoum

          After Nimeiri, and the Politics of U.S. Aid

          Bashir Comes to Power

          The U.S. and Sudan in the 1990s--the Alliance Collapses

          The U.S. Bombing of al-Shifa

Chapter 4: Adversary or Ally? Current Relations between Washington and Khartoum (page 49) [partial excerpt]

          The U.S., Sudan and the International Criminal Court

Chapter 5: US Interest in Sudan and the African Continent (page 55)

Chapter 6: The Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention—The Mice Would Be Disciplined, But the Lions Would Be Free / 61

          Somalia: "The only good Somali is a dead Somali"

          Rwanda: The "Tropical Nazi Genocide"

          Sierra Leone: Keeping the Peace…without Washington

          Liberia: A U.S. "Responsibility"

          Evaluating the Past: from Somalia to Darfur

Chapter 7: UN Peacekeeping in Darfur (page 86)

          A Consensual UN Deployment

          Evaluating a Unilateral UN Intervention in Darfur

          Western Intervention: Darfurian and Sudanese Opinion

          The African Union: Set Up to Fail, and Peacekeeping on the Cheap

Chapter 8: Darfur Activism—Aiding the Victims or the Superpower? (page 106)

          The Save Darfur Movement

          An Evaluation of Activist Demands

          A No Fly-Zone over Darfur


          Supporting the Victims: Humanitarian Aid and Refugee Policies

          A Manifesto for Darfur Activism, and Beyond

Chapter 9: Conclusion (page 127)

Selected Bibliography (page 129)

Notes (page 131)

Index (page 295)

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