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Modern capitalism is squeezing people on wages and food prices, producing a populace overfed on cheap calories and undernourished, which in the U.S. case shunts them into healthcare to be privately managed, feeding the disproportionately expensive and corrupt healthcare system. …not to mention the gym memberships then paid for in a vain attempt to match the physiques pervasively marketed. Most are failing badly but perhaps succeed in feeling negatively about themselves. A constant state of anxiety and externally-induced striving in the general population is the capitalist ideal.

The U.S. Dog Wags the Israeli Tail

The conservative Israeli YNet News has a Attila Somfalvi op-ed reaffirming that the dog does indeed wag the tail, much as latent nationalists in the U.S. may wish to argue otherwise. Somfalvi writes:

Hillary Clinton in Laos - Where Our Past Lies Buried

Harry Truman - History’s Greatest Terrorist

The Second Amendment and Closed Horizons

Bahrain: Tear Gas as Chemical Warfare

Links - November 4th

Below are some links of interest that came to my attention. I may try to post these sorts of general updates more frequently in the future. No promises, though.

Unforced Errors on the Left: Crimethinc on the Occupations

Not that I expect much from Crimethinc but their "Dear Occupiers: A letter from anarchists" statement contains the usual boilerplate along with some predictably bad politics.

Here is their attempt to promote property destruction through a series of silly formulations:

Gaza Freedom Flotilla: My Appearance on BCTV

The video from my August 9th appearance discussing my experiences in Athens on the Berks County community television program Centering on Peace, hosted by John Hoskyns-Abrahall, is now available online. Let me know if it turned out okay - I can't stand to watch or listen to myself in media appearances.

Gaza: Tonight on Berks County, PA TV - report-back on the flotilla

Update (Aug 25, 2011): the video is now available online.

I spent an hour with John Hoskyns-Abrahall on July 27th taping a program airing tonight at 9 PM EDT.

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