Steve Fake

Steve Steve Fake grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was involved in student activism. He became interested in radical politics after seeing Good Will Hunting, where he first heard of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Like so many others, his political outlook has been heavily influenced by these two individuals. He currently resides in New Orleans. He is coordinator of the ideas & action webzine published by Workers Solidarity Alliance. He is a member of Amnesty International USA, the National Writers Union UAW Local 1981, the Industrial Workers of the World, and Workers Solidarity Alliance.

His writings have appeared in Z Magazine, CounterPunch, and, with Kevin Funk, the Los Angeles Times website, In These Times Magazine, AlterNet, CommonDreams, Foreign Policy In Focus, Pambazuka, ZNet, and many other publications.

Steve's blog (assorted content is also available at my parallel Z Blog and Focal Points Blog)


Writings related to the book, most of them co-written with Kevin Funk, can be found here.


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