Darfur Intervention and the USA

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  • BOOK REVIEW - Z Magazine
  • Steve's take on Mahmood Mamdani's work on Darfur, Saviors & Survivors, in Z Magazine (March 2011)

  • NEW UNPUBLISHED ARTICLE on Pennsylvania's Divestment Bill
  • Our home state of Pennsylvania passed legislation over the summer months that requires the state's two largest pension funds and its treasury department to divest from investments in companies that have business in Sudan or Iran. We wrote an opinion piece criticizing the measure.

  • INTERVIEW - Voice of America

    Kevin was recently interviewed by Voice of America in regards to US-Chinese machinations in Sudan.

  • BOOK REVIEW - Africa Today

    Tolu Jegede wrote a review of our book published in the current issue of Africa Today. An excerpt: "Fake and Funk’s take on the Darfur crisis is a welcome change from the media’s narrow analysis. Instead of focusing primarily on human-interest stories, Fake and Funk place the crisis in a larger context, showing readers a complicated intersection of politics and history. Armed with sources, they provide examples showing mt4 download for pc Washington’s apathy toward the crisis."



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Watch the full video of Steve's recent talk in Reading, PA.

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Surviving section of the massive al-Shifa complex. Tomb of Sudanese messianic colonial leader al Mahdi in Ombdurman.

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Download an educational guide to the book, geared towards courses in international relations, political science, history, human rights, genocide, and download metatrader 4 for windows 10 international law.

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Hosted by the Making Sense of Sudan blog at the Social Science Research Council

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Kevin Funk and Steven Fake have written a devastating critique of the ‘humanitarian’ response of the United States to the Darfur crisis, while offering a genuine humane alternative that would lessen the ordeal, if not bring it to an end. Well-researched, easy to read, and utterly convincing, a crucial book for anyone concerned about achieving a morally and politically acceptable download mt4 for pc U.S. foreign policy.

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Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of Law Emeritus, Princeton University

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